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Claude Augsburger exhibition

2022-06-09 2023-02-01

The Château d'Ouchy Hotel and Murs Porteurs are pleased to present the exhibition of the artist Claude Augsburger from June 09, 2022

Born in 1957 in La Chaux de Fond, Claude Augsburger graduated from ECAL (1980) and obtained a postgraduate degree from the Whitney Museum of American Art. He taught at the EPFL for the architecture department and then at the Gymnase Auguste Piccard, and works and lives in Lausanne. A colourist par excellence, he draws his inspiration from American abstract painters such as Barnett Newman and Robert Mangold, from the concrete art of the 1950s and from the neo-minimalist movement of the 1980s. His taste for colour is revealed through the many architectural projects in which he has been involved: Perly and Thonex customs, Sion pilot school, Payerne airfield barracks, Geneva federal administration, Lausanne railway station, colouring of the Rôtillon district, etc.

Claude Augsburger develops a reflection on geometric figures, the square, the rectangle, the circle and their derivatives, their relationship and their use as coloured fields. He paints in a rigorously geometrical manner, producing perfect and playful forms.

This exhibition can be seen in the Château d'Ouchy until January 2023.
It is commissioned by Murs Porteurs /


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