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Next Ride by David Weber

2023-02-02 2023-06-30

From today on our walls, discover the works of David Weber with the exhibition Next Ride

A self-taught artist from Lausanne, his artistic career began when he was 12 years old. He tried to give style to the letters of the alphabet by tagging and graffiti. Years later, he invented the pseudonym Swox by painting, tagging and using aerosol sprays.

Over the years, the letter remains the centre of his artistic reflection: suggested or obvious, playing with flat colours, shaped with spatulas, knives or thick layers of acrylic paint. The artist sublimates the letter with elegance and diversity.

Swox's works are true architectural creations in themselves, the graphic lines superimpose, overlap, dialogue and make them true three-dimensional abstract objects with a destructured geometry. The artist continually evolves his art by exploring new techniques and new media. He never tires of reinterpreting his subject matter, letting himself be guided by the inspiration that one painting gives him to create another.

This exhibition is commissioned by Murs Porteurs / Discover the price list here