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Free transportation cards for the city of Lausanne

Free public transportation cards for the city of Lausanne are offered to guests with each night stay booked at our hotel to allow them to use the metro and buses of the central Lausanne network free of charge for the duration of their stay.

Electric vehicle charging stations

Guests can charge their electric cars in the hotel car park at one of our 2 charging stations.


Building & exteriors


Renewable Energy

Since the beginning of 2022, 100% of the hotel's electricity comes from hydropower, which is renewable.


Traceability of our products


Our chefs pay particular attention to the products they use, insisting on their traceability. We know exactly where each ingredient we use in our dishes comes from.


Soap dispensers

We have introduced large soap dispensers in our bathrooms to limit the amount of individual small bottles used and to minimise their transportation. 

Transforming our food waste into renewable energy

All of our kitchen waste is collected and transformed into energy by BioEcoEnergie SA through a methanisation process. They start by transforming our food waste into biogas and fertiliser, called digestate. The biogas is then simultaneously transformed into electrical and thermal energy in a cogeneration engine. In 2021, our food waste contributed to the production of 4’680 kWh of electricity.

Recycling our soaps with Sapocycle

We recycle all of our used soap in collaboration with Sapocycle, a non-profit organisation that transforms soaps discarded in hotels into products that improve the lives of underprivileged individuals. The soaps are recycled by disabled people and then distributed to improve the sanitary conditions of families in need. For more information on the process and programme, please visit https://sapocycle.org/process/.

Employee wellbeing

Accommodation and catering

Our employees can benefit from preferential rates for accommodation in our employee residences and for meals in our staff restaurant.

Massages for members of the housekeeping team

We offer a workplace massage service for members of our housekeeping department to improve their comfort, reduce the risk of serious injury and increase their wellbeing.

D'CLIC Committee

Employees of our hotel can join the D'CLIC committee, which helps to make their work life more pleasant and to help strengthen links between staff members. This committee also organises staff participation in local community service initiatives (Christmas tea time at the children's hospital, collection of donations, lake cleanups etc.). Through this committee, our employees can also participate in local sport and charity events (24-hour swimming race, 20 kilometres of Lausanne, etc.).

Discounts in local shops and luxury hotels

We offer all of our employees the opportunity to enjoy discounts in several local shops, hairdressers, bars and other businesses. They can also discover the "Suisse Deluxe" hotels, a collection of the most luxurious hotels in Switzerland, at ultra-preferential rates.


In off-peak periods, we offer our employees access to the Angleterre & Résidence’s fitness centre. They also receive free entry to the municipal swimming pools.