The Cocktail Masterclasses

of Château d'Ouchy

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Mixology workshop: the art of combining flavours!

Cocktails are fashionable !

Festive and creative, they are the perfect way to open or close an evening. Who hasn't dreamt of making a twist on a Gin Tonic or a Moscow Mule? How do you choose your ingredients? How much to mix and in what order to shake or crush them?

The mixologists at Château d'Ouchy will be opening up their 'grimoire' of recipes to you as part of a series of well thought-out masterclasses. There are 3 tailor-made formulas on offer: from mastering a classic cocktail to preparing your own exclusive syrup or infused spirit to take home and impress your friends and family! The whole experience is rounded off with a little gourmet break.

It's a great way to enjoy some friendly, exciting moments with friends or colleagues.

Booking essential
Only available in low season from September to April